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Facebook Data Deletion Guide

User data deletion

    The user has the authority to manage, use and delete the data generated in the application.

     If the user no longer needs the account data in the app, you can delete or remove it.


Data range that can be deleted

    1. The basic information of the user's Facebook account obtained by the application.

    2. User account login record.

    3. All user operation records in the app, such as level records, purchase records, etc.


Note before deleting or removing users

    Depending on your account, deleting, or removing users may have the following effects:

    1. The application will delete all user data.

    2. Before deleting the user data, you may need to transfer some data.

    3. The system will not delete certain data, such as application-related content shared by users on Facebook.

    4. After user data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.


Steps to delete the data in the app

    1. Open our app.

    2. Check whether you are logged in to your Facebook account in the settings.

    3. Make sure that your app is logged in to your Facebook account.

    4. Find the "data delete" button in the settings and click it to delete the data.

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